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Fremax Trade Copier Services

20 pips a day with for $20/month

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are making our exact trade entries available to subscribers.

This will free you to work, spend time with your family and friends, all the while providing you with the confidence of earning at least 20 pips daily–hands free.

Easiest and fastest way to make profit every day.

  •              20 pips a day with for $20/month

  •              1 week trial period

  •              Monthly growth % will be 30-70%

  •              No use of any risky strategy like martingale etc

  •              Possible scalping and short term intraday trading

  •              No martingale.

  •              No bots.

  •              18 years of experience in forex trading.

  •             Manual trading with the powerful fremax forex indicator

  •             Accuracy is more than 85%

 If you are a newbie in Forex trading or do not know much about trading tactics, fremax Forex trade copier is available in the market to make your trading  successful

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COPY TRADING: What is it?

Copy trading is used in Forex trading which allows you to copy trades of a professional and experienced trader. Copy trading is done by linking your trading account to the server/master account. The master account is the account of the professional trader from whose account all trades will be copied to your account which is the slave account. Any trade process done on the master accounts will be automatically copied to the slave account.

How a Forex Trade Copier works?

You do not need to have the same amount in your account as the professional trader has. Forex trade copier software works on a percentage basis and all trades in your account will be carried out on your own setup percentage.

Forex trade copier actually automates trading.

It copies the Forex signals from our master account  to your account helping you to grow your money. You can manage risks and maximize profits.

Budget needed to star

  1. $100/$50 capital for your forex trade account

  2. $10 for VPS

  3. $20 for subscription per month

  4. Total of $130/$80

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What is VPS?

VPS is virtual private network. Think of it as 24/7 internet connection.

Hosting your forex trading on VPS is the best way to trade.

No worries of electricity

No worries about bundle or slow internet connections

No worries of fault in laptop or pc

With VPS, All you Will need is an app to monitor your trade.

The master account can execute a trade and it can happen that during the time of the  trade execution, you had no electricity, or no bundle, or had not even switch on your PC or was having fault with your machine or you will not even be around.  You can miss many opportunities when such incidence occurs.

VPS saves you from all these headache

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